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Jugs Tennis Machine

With Spin Control

The JUGS Tennis Machine is perfect for use with any skill level, from beginner to professional. With JUGS, you can instantly regulate the spin, (top or back), speed, height, and direction of the ball. You can duplicate deep ground strokes, high lobs, half volleys and close-to-the-net volleys with uncanny precision. With its easy-to-use control panel, varying between crosscourt and down-the-line shots has never been easier. With JUGS® spin control, players can develop a solid and reliable game against flat balls and balls with variations in spin. Spin, Oscillation and Elevation Controls along with the JUGS® legendary dual wheel design makes this machine ideal for beginners and advanced level players.

Features both standard electricity & built-in rechargeable battery

JUGS is the only machine available that operates on both a built-in rechargeable battery and standard electricity. This means you can use your JUGS on any court, electric outlet or not. The built-in battery operates up to 5 hours on a single overnight charge. At the end of each day's workout, simply plug in JUGS® to recharge. You need not worry--you cannot overcharge the JUGS Tennis Machine.

The JUGS Tennis Machine is Portable and Lightweight...

The New JUGS Tennis Machine is totally portable and lightweight measuring only 19 inches tall when the ball-hopper is folded down. With its built-in heavy duty transport wheels and tote-handle, this machine is very easy to move and set up. The ball hopper pops open in seconds and can hold as many as 150 balls. The high volume ball hopper and patented non-jamming ball feed design allow you a complete workout before reloading the machine.

...With Simple Design and Durability

With our patented non-jamming ball feed design, your machine will feed balls as often as every 1-1/2 seconds or as slow as every 12 seconds, or any time interval in between.

The double wheel propulsion system provides precision accuracy and unmatched durability. This is the same workhorse design that has been used on over 75,000 JUGS Baseball, Football, Softball, Soccer, Field Hockey and Cricket Machines.

The ultra-quiet operation allows you to use your JUGS Tennis Machine on any court, indoors or outdoors, without disturbing other players or coaches.

A remote control model JUGS Tennis Machine is also available. This model is perfect for coaches or teaching professionals who want to be on the same side of the court as their players, while maintaining complete control of their JUGS® machine.

JUGS® now offers you the most durable tennis ball basket in the world - the Hoag. It features a patented unbreakable bottom floating center rod that moves up and away from the balls slightly. This allows the ball up into the basket without putting pressure on the bottom rods. There are no welds to break at the bottom, an ongoing problem with all other brands of ball baskets.

The Hoag has flip-over handles, raising it to finger tip level for easy dispensing. The handles have an extra heavy plastic coating and are locked into the pick-up and stand positions by friction-catch steel balls, thus eliminating pinched fingers.

With a snap-on lid and a powder-coated finish, this heavy duty ball basket is designed to give you years of trouble-free use.

The best performing pressureless balls made, JUGS Tennis Balls are perfect for use in your JUGS Tennis Machine. Due to a special rubber formulation, and by using the latest in advanced manufacturing technology, JUGS® now offers you a pressureless ball that plays almost identical to a pressurized ball.

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