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JUGS Soccer Machine

The JUGS Soccer Machine Can Duplicate Any Type of Pass or Shot Players Will Ever See In Games

Over 600 high school and college soccer teams make their practices perfect using JUGS. With JUGS, you can "kick" left or right-footed, and hook a ball at any arc, speed, or distance up to 80 yards. JUGS helps ou really maximize your team's practice time.

"This is one terrific machine! At Navy, we have two JUGS Soccer Machines and they are in constant use. These machines deliver incredible accuracy, which permits our players constant repetitive skill work. Largely because we have JUGS, our players have quickly and dramatically improved their skills. This machine can be used as any part of practice where a flighted ball is needed. Having JUGS is like having an extra full-time coach. If your teams needs repetition training, the JUGS Soccer Machine is invaluable."
Greg Myers
Head Soccer Coach
U.S. Naval Academy

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Balls can be perfectly fed to your players using JUGS. Because you can easily vary the height, speed, distance, and spin of the balls thrown by JUGS, your players quickly learn how to control the ball with their feet, thighs or chest.

Players can also greatly improve their one-touch passing techniques with JUGS because of the different types of passes the JUGS machine will make.

"Our goalkeepers see more shots in a twenty minute drill session with JUGS than they see in ten games."
Coach Greg Myers
U.S. Naval Academy

With JUGS, your goalkeepers can improve skills like: taking high crosses, punching difficult crosses, narrowing the angle, increasing reaction time, and improving diving technique.

JUGS' consistent and realistic shots at the goalkeeper helps him/her prepare for games and gives you the time to coach.

Strikers always get a good selection of balls to deal with. First time volleys, headers, and ground shots can be practiced with or without opposition present.

Your team's free kick defense will quickly improve with JUGS, because its remarkable accuracy makes it an invaluable tool for setting up set play situations. With JUGS, you can select any area into which the ball can be played. You can vary the height, speed, and amount of spin impacted to the ball, creating both in-swinging and out-swinging crosses.

All types of high lofting shots can be thrown with JUGS Soccer Machine.

Your defenders learn how to aggressively intercept high crosses, and clear them away from dangerous positions around the goal.

"Our men's soccer program has used the JUGS Soccer Machine for the past two seasons. Our players have benefitted tremendously by the many uses of the JUGS Machine. Our goalkeepers have improved at a much faster rate because of the accurate repetition drills the JUGS Machine can provide on a consistent basis. It also saved our coaching staff time and energy because the JUGS Machine simulated designated shots and passing situations. If you're going to have a quality soccer program, you need a quality machine like 'The JUGS.'"
Claude Bonfiglio
Head Coach
Cleveland High School
Portland, Oregon

The JUGS Soccer Machine can be easily moved and set up by one person - indoors or outdoors. Just tip the machine and roll it away.

Here is what one of the most respected soccer coaches in the U.S.A. has to say about the JUGS Soccer Machine:

"The JUGS Soccer Machine is used at each session of the No. 1 Goalkeeper's Camp. I believe it to be the finest goalkeeping training device yet.

Its multifarious uses provide hours of enjoyable training for the goalkeeper. JUGS ability to accurately serve the soccer ball at various speeds and spins cannot be duplicated.

Using JUGS, there is no unnecessary strain or risk to outfield players, and importantly, JUGS is great fun, too." Dr. Joseph Machnik
No. 1 Goalkeepers Camp

The JUGS Soccer Machine.....

You can use your JUGS Soccer Machine anywhere with the durable Yamaha 1000 Generator. This generator is light weight - just 49 lbs., runs on regular gasoline for over 5 hours, and is fully guaranteed for one year. Price: $595

Introducing the NEW

Pops Open And Closes In An Instant

Weighs Just 5 Lbs.

"It has a 'crossbar,' it has depth, it has sidenets to shoot at, and it opens instantly. What more could you possibly want from a goal. My only question was: will it flip over when a real life adult connected with a realshot? Answer: NO WAY! Verdict: This thing really works, even for college guys!"

Manfred Tschan, George Fox University

The is the only soccer goal of its kind that gives you all of these 8 quality features:

  1. Will not tip over. Threaded metal stakes keep your secure regardless of weather conditions and will take any shot that you can deliver.

  2. Excellent teaching tool. Great for one on one drills. Wings on goal let your players work on placement of the ball.

  3. Simulated crossbar and goal line. High tension cross-bar will deflect shots not properly placed. Bright blue and red color makes the JUGS GOOOOAL! easy to see from any place on the field. Bright red goal line makes goals easy to see.

  4. Perfect for short field games. "One of the best reasons we like the JUGS GOOOOAL! is the easy portability and quick setup, which means from the trunk of my car or from the field storage shed to the soccer field in just minutes. The use of the JUGS GOOOOAL! has made it possible for our players to setup quick 1-v-1, 2-v-2's or any other combination of short field drills. Because goalkeepers are now major part of a teams' overall practice sessions, they benefit tremendously by being used in short field activities and not just sitting around guarding a big empty net." Claude Bonfiglio, Head Men's Soccer Coach, Cleveland High School

  5. One Year Guarantee
  6. Great for backyard use

  7. Portable. This large 6' x 4' x 4' goal folds down to a compact 30" circle and weighs only 5 lbs. The pops open and closes in an instant and fits in the trunk of any car. There is no assembly required which makes it easy to take to all your matches or practices in its heavy-duty nylon carrying case.

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