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Batting Cage Nets

Only JUGS Batting Cage Nets give you all of these 9 quality features:

  1. JUGS Nets are woven using the highest rated 100% DuPont knotted nylon.
  2. JUGS #4000 Twine Nets are fully guaranteed for two years. This is the best guarantee on netting available anywhere.
  3. The 1/4 inch Poly-Dac ropes woven into every JUGS net are also fully guaranteed for one year. No one guarantees their rope as long as JUGS. The corners of all JUGS nets are reinforced with these long lasting ropes. The ceiling is bordered on the sides and down the middle with these same fray resistant ropes, which makes hanging up your net easy.
  4. JUGS nets are dyed dark green to provide your hitters with the very best hitting background. The green formula we use is waterproof and is not tar-based like other so-called budget cages. The green dye used on all JUGS nets is colorfast and will not rub off onto your gym floor. Also, your batting practice balls will not become green.
  5. JUGS Nets are weather treated with an exclusive formula of polyurethane water repellents.
  6. JUGS Nets are spray-coated with resin, so you can use them indoors or outdoors. These nets will hold their shape even after constant heavy use.
  7. JUGS Nets are pre-shrunk in temperature controlled holding tanks. This process assures you your net will look good and hang correctly whether it is brand new or five years old.
  8. JUGS Nets are the strongest you can buy because knotted nylon netting has a higher breaking strength per pound ratio than knotless netting.
  9. JUGS Nets are tied by highly trained specialists who have been weaving for a minimum of four years. A net not tied correctly will not hang or perform correctly.

All nine of these features are why JUGS nets last longer than any other net you can buy.

JUGS now offers these seven sizes of Batting Cage Nets:

Cage #1 Standard Net

70' long, 14' wide, and 12' high
  • #2100 twine
  • #4000 twine

Cage #1 can be used by baseball teams and fastpitch softball teams. This is the most widely used JUGS Batting Cage Net in the USA!

Cage #2 Softball Net (also youth baseball net)

55' long, 14' wide, and 12' high
  • #2100 twine
  • #4000 twine

Perfect for fastpitch softball, Cage #2 can also be used by youth baseball teams.

Cage #3 Softball Net - Slowpitch

55' long, 14' wide, and 16' high
  • #2100 twine
  • #4000 twine

Cage #3 is perfect for slowpitch softball teams. Your hitters will love the roomy feeling that comes with the extra height in this cage.

Cage #4 Half Net with portal

35' long, 14' wide, and 14' high
  • #2100 twine
  • #4000 twine

Perfect for use in small backyards or in any other location where space is limited. Included with Cage #4 is an extra net piece, which you hang behind your pitcher or JUGS, to stop any line drives hit through the 3' x 4' hole. You can hit safely indoors or outdoors with Cage #4.

Cage #5 Combination Net for baseball and softball

70' long, 14' wide, and 16' high
  • #2100 twine
  • #4000 twine

Cage #5 is the largest JUGS net. It is perfect for baseball teams, fastpitch softball teams, or slowpitch softball teams. The sixteen foot height of Cage #5 gives you the most hitting space of any standard net available anywhere.

Cage #6 Space Saver Net with portal

14' long, 14' wide, and 14' high
  • #2100 twine
  • #4000 twine

This "space saver" net is the lowest priced net from JUGS. It is extremely light weight, and very easy to set up and take down.

Cage #7 Backyard Net for Baseball and Softball

65' long, 11' wide, and 11' high
  • #2100 twine
  • #4000 twine

The newest of The Jugs Nets is ideal for your backyard for Baseball and Softball!

Net Installation Kits

Net Installation Kits include everything you need to set up a JUGS Net, except the steel frame. The Indoor Net Installation Kit includes heavy duty aircraft cables, snap rings, eyebolts, turnbuckles and cable clamps. The Outdoor Installation Kit has all of the above and cable hooks.

  • Indoor Installation Kit
  • Outdoor Installation Kit for use with Nets #1, #2, #3 and #7

NEW Ceiling Installation Kit

This kit includes everything you need to install your JUGS Net indoors from your ceiling. This kit enables you to slide your net and cables easily and safely out of the way after practice. Included in the JUGS Ceiling Installation Kit are:

  • Three 100' horizontal heavy-duty aircraft cable lengths
  • Twenty-four reinforced steel rings
  • Thirty 30' vertical cable lengths
  • One bag of 130 snap hooks
  • Six turnbuckles
  • Sixty-six cable clamps
  • Six eye bolts
  • Ceiling Installation Kit

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