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Hozer About Us

About Us

"Hose 'em down - use The Hozer Throwbag".

What We Do

Hozer, Inc. is the proud manufacturer of The Hozer Throwbag - a revolutionary arm strengthener.

Our ojective is to educate ballplayers on the importance of throwing all year long in order to improve the ability to throw a ball further and with more velocity.

Our Business History

Hozer, Inc. was established in 1998 for the purposes of marketing The Hozer Throwbag. Mr. Jose Inclan, the inventor of the device, plays over 30/40 amateur baseball. During the winter of 1998, Mr. Inclan was scheduled to attend a tournament in Puerto Rico in February. Living in New Jersey, he found it very difficult to get the throwing portion of his game in shape to survive a mid-winter Carribbean Tournament. While searching for a solution to his problem, Inclan came up with The Hozer Throwbag. He trained with it prior to the tournament and enjoyed great success. Consequently The Hozer Throwbag is now being offered to other ballplayers as a means of easily and comfortably maintaining and developing arm strength.

What Makes Us Unique

The Hozer Throwbag makes the business unique because there is no other device on the market like it. The Hozer Throwbag is the only throwing trainer on the market that allows one person to throw by himself/herself, any place, anytime, using only one ball. No having to find a partner, drive to a park, or be a slave to weather. Simple, convenient, easy to use and highly effective, The Hozer Throwbag is a great training tool. An American product for America's game and made in the good old USA for a change!

About Our "Staff"

The founder, owner and principle officer of the company is Mr. Jose Inclan, Jr. who invented the device in order to improve his own ability to throw a baseball. A major portion of the company's success is attributable to the assistance Mr. Inclan receives from his partner and wife, Joanne.

The Hozer Throwbag has been demonstrated to numerous big-leaguers, division 1, 2, and 3 coaches, high school coaches, and little league coaches. All have marveled at the device's simplicity and utility and thousands of units have been distributed throughout the country.

See the "Our Customers" page for a list of the organizations that have purchased The Hozer Throwbag.

Our Customers

Hozer Throwbag
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