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JUGS Football Passing Machine

Before you ask a question like, "Who needs a machine to pass footballs when my quarterback requires all the practice he can get!" or make a comment like "I just don't know how it would help my team," consider this: every N.F.L. Team now uses a JUGS Football Machine, most colleges and universities have now invested in JUGS®, as well as over 3000 high school teams.

Dropped passes, punts, and kickoffs basically are caused by a lack of practice. With JUGS®, you can throw up to 600 passes or "kicks" per hour. Just think of the practice your receivers will get in a weeks time. And, as in baseball, where pitchers are given enough work to develop their skills, but cannot throw enough to give batters all the batting practice they need, the JUGS Football Machine fills the same need by providing receivers more practice to develop the desired expertise in catching a football.

The JUGS Football Machine can help you in these 5 areas:

  1. Running backs, tight ends, wide receivers, punt and kick-off return specialists need constant practice catching the football. With JUGS®, these players catch more passes and kicks in a week than they normally would in an entire season.
  2. Defensive backs and linebackers can be given practice on a variety of reaction and zone coverage drills in a short period of time without having to take your best quarterback away from where you really need him to be, with the offensive unit. A substitute player, or even the team manager, can operate JUGS®, thus freeing your coaching staff, quarterbacks and punters.
  3. On punt and kick-off return team drills, you do not waste any time with JUGS® doing the "kicking." High lofting kicks go exactly where you want them to, so your players learn their assignments fast.
  4. Simply put JUGS® on short legs and your punter and fieldgoal kicker can get hours of perfect snaps. (Short legs sold separately.)
  5. Use JUGS® for more effective and more enjoyable conditioning drills. All players get plenty of sprinting in while chasing down perfectly thrown passes from JUGS®. With JUGS® you can toss the ball just beyond the reach of your players. With the incentive to catch the football, your players will always give that extra effort.

Here is what Hall of Fame pass-catching great, Raymond Berry, thinks about the JUGS Football Machine:

"I have been amazed at what this piece of equipment can do in the training of receivers.

Catching the football is their number one job, and there is no way to fully develop this skill without catching 50, 75 or 100 balls a day on an established routine.

Finding someone who can throw hard and accurate that many times to a full corps of receivers is nearly impossible, or at least it was until JUGS® came along.

JUGS® throws the ball at whatever speed you want and whatever height or trajectory you want, at whatever distance you want, and then throws each pass exactly on target each time, with a perfect spiral.

JUGS® makes it possible to work a group of 10 receivers for 15 minutes, and have each player catch 20 or 25 balls.

If I were still playing, I'd buy one myself and let my wife feed balls to it. It's very simple to operate.

And you can use it to practice catching punts and kick-offs.

JUGS® is the greatest thing I've seen in a long time."

Accurate Timing

The distance and height of a pass are controlled by changing the speed of the wheels and by tilting JUGS® upward or downward. Turning a dial changes wheel speed. A simple level locks the unit after any lateral or vertical change. Once set, the machine will throw footballs to the same spot time after time. Perfect spirals up to 80 yards can be thrown.

"The JUGS Football Machine allows me to throw twice as many pass routes compared with doing it myself. Time is limited for individual position work, but we can now have time for repititions of all routes in our passing game. The machine also works well during special teams practice."
Brian Cook, Receiver Coach
Madison High School

Easy to Move

The JUGS Football Machine can be easily moved and set up by one person - indoors or outdoors. Moving JUGS® involves tipping it down onto its transport wheel, and rolling it to a different area like a wheelbarrow. By removing the legs of the machine, it can be loaded into the trunk of any sized car.

"The JUGS Football Machine is extremely beneficial to our kicking game. It saves valuable time simulating a kickoff or punt with great accuracy."
Ron Eilers, Head Football Coach
Madison High School

Safe and Simple to Operate

Whether you are throwing perfect spiraling passes from 10 to 80 yards, or booming punts, or kickoffs, JUGS is easy to operate. A simple chute change and an adjustment of the wheel angle determines whether the football will be a spiral or an end-over-end toss. To operate, the football is positioned in the chute, and pushed forward with the pistol grip handle until the ball is seized by the two rotating tires.

"The JUGS Football Machine is great for the passing game. But we use it every day for punt returns, because a dropped punt can cost you a game."
Bill Dressel, Head Football Coach
Benson High School, Portland, Oregon

The JUGS Football Machine.....

You can use your JUGS Football Machine anywhere with the durable Yamaha 1000 Generator. This generator is light weight - just 49 lbs., runs on regular gasoline for over 3 hours, and is fully guaranteed for one year.

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