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Fold A Goal - Goal Safety

Goal Safety

Goals Must Be Anchored!!!

Movable goals can tip over on children!
Movable soccer goals can tip over and kill children who climb on them or hang from the crossbar. Since 1990 the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has worked with the Coalition to Promote Soccer Goal Safety and the Soccer Industry Council of America to address the risks presented by these soccer goals and to make movable goals more stable. The commission and the Coalition strongly recommend that soccer coaches, school officials and soccer field maintenance personnel prevent goals from falling over by anchoring goals to the ground. They should chain goals to a fence or permanent structure when not in use and warn students not to climb on goals.

Follow these safety guidelines:
• Securely anchor or counter-weight movable goals at all times
• Never climb on the net or goal framework
• Remove nets when goals are not in use
• Anchor or chain goals to nearby fence posts, dugout, or any other similar sturdy fixture when not in use
• Check all connecting hardware before every use
• Replace damaged or missing fasteners immediately
• Ensure safety labels are clearly visible
• Fully disassemble goals for seasonal storage
• Always exercise extreme caution when moving goals
• Always instruct players on the safe handling and potential dangers associated with movable goals

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