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The NEW JUGS Cordless Radar Gun

New Advanced DSP Technology

In 1971 The JUGS Company® started a tradition of state-of-the-art Radar Guns that became famous on ABC's Monday Night Baseball and World Series Telecasts. Now JUGS introduces The New JUGS Radar Gun; the industry standard for all Major League Baseball teams. With New DSP Technology The New JUGS Cordless Radar Gun performs with even more precision and versatility than previous models. For example, you can get a reading on a pitch within a foot of the pitchers hand--before a pitch loses any speed.

The NEW JUGS Cordless Radar Gun is the ideal radar gun for your organization.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Best Price
    The New JUGS Cordless Radar Gun is the lowest priced radar gun of its kind.
  2. Hours of Constant Use
    The New JUGS Cordless Radar Gun operates on two rechargeable BLACK&DECKER Versapak batteries.
  3. Releast Point Reading
    Professional scouts agree that a true measure of a pitcher's velocity is within one foot of the point of release, not at home plate.
  4. New Advanced DSP Technology
    With Digital Signal Processing (DSP) state-of-the-art technology, you'll get faster and more accurate readings. The New JUGS Cordless Radar Gun is guaranteed to have an accuracy index of plus or minus 1/2 mile per hour.
  5. Simple Operation
    The New JUGS Cordless Radar Gun has two modes of operation:
    • Trigger Mode
      Pulling the trigger manually reads the speed of the pitch...speed remains on the radar gun until the trigger is released.
    • Continuous Mode
      Reads the speed of the pitch automatically, then clears itself to read the speed of the next pitch.

The New JUGS Cordless Radar Gun, 2 Versapak Batteries, recharger, and tuning fork all fit snugly into the heavy-duty soft shell carrying case.

Please Note:

Shipping & Handling on this item is $24.  Your invoice will be adjusted to reflect this amount!


The New JUGS Cordless Radar Gun can help you and your team in these two areas:

  1. Pitching -- The most successful pitchers in baseball and softball all have one important weapon: the ability to consistently keep hitters off-stride by changing speeds. The New JUGS Cordless Radar Gun can quickly teach this valuable art to your pitchers. Pitchers can be taught just how much they have to let up on their breaking pitch. Also, each pitcher will learn which wind-up and delivery technique will give them their best fastball.
  2. Infielders and Outfielders -- Pin-point evaluation of each player's throwing ability is easy using The New JUGS Cordless Radar Gun. The impact you then have by recommending even minor changes in a players throwing style is immediately noticeable.


The New JUGS Cordless Radar Gun has a full two-year warranty on all parts and labor. You get immediate service on your gun -- usually within 48 hours.

A loaner gun is available at no charge on request while your gun is being repaired. The JUGS Company® has over 50 repair centers available nationwide.

The New JUGS Cordless Radar Gun comes complete with carrying case, battery, battery recharger and tuning fork.

The New JUGS Cordless Radar Gun New Low Price:

AC/DC Adaptors:

Tripod and clamp assembly for mounting JUGS Radar Gun:

Radar Gun Package (Radar Gun, , AC/DC Adaptors, Tripod/Mounts):

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