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The JUGS Company®

Baseballs and Softballs

New JUGS& Sting-Free™ Baseballs and Softballs
JUGS Lite-Flite®
JUG Polyballs
Dimple Style balls
JUGS balls with realistic seams

New JUGS Lite-Flite® Practice Balls

Introducing the safest practice ball ever made: JUGS Lite-Flite®!

Only the new JUGS Lite-Flite® Practice Balls have the following 8 features your team demands:

  1. Their sponge-like texture makes them safe for indoor hitting without a batting cage.
  2. Your players see a realistic throw or pitch, but do not get stung by the ball if it bounces off their arms or body. This makes the new JUGS Lite-Flite® Practice Balls ideal for defensive drills.
  3. Use the new JUGS Lite-Flite® Practice Balls with any JUGS Pitching Machine. The new ball will keep its shape regardless of speed, coming out of your JUGS Pitching Machine.
  4. Because the new JUGS Lite-Flite® Practice Balls are lightweight, your hitters learn important avoidance techniques without worrying about being hit by the pitch.
  5. Unlike wiffle-type or hollow plastic polyballs, the new JUGS Lite-Flite® Practice Balls allow your hitters to hit at a normal hitting distance.
  6. With the new JUGS Lite-Flite® Practice Balls, your JUGS Pitching Machine can throw any pitch you desire.
    • Fastballs, Curveballs and Sliders
    • Risers and Drops
  7. The new JUGS Lite-Flite® Practice Balls are great for all ages.
  8. With JUGS Lite-Flite® Practice Balls, you never have to worry about scuffing gym floors, or damaging walls or bleachers.

New JUGS Sting-Free™ Baseballs and Softballs

Only the New JUGS Sting-Free™ Baseballs and Softballs have these 12 quality features you demand:

  1. Fully Guaranteed for one year.
  2. Longest lasting practice balls you can buy.
  3. Same size and weight as leather balls.
  4. Feels like a leather ball when hit.
  5. Will not damage aluminum bats.
  6. Will not sting your batter's hand.
  7. Great for use indoors and outdoors.
  8. Great for defensive drills.
  9. Waterproof.
  10. Made in the U.S.A.
  11. New environmentally safe formula.
  12. Lowest price available anywhere:

JUGS balls with realistic seam

Great for use in JUGS machines or for live-arm batting practice. Baseballs available in white only. Softballs available in both white and optic yellow.

JUGS Polyballs

Can be used in any JUGS machine for safe close-range batting practice. Available in white or optic yellow. One year guarantee does not apply to JUGS polyballs.

Dimple Style balls

Specifically designed for use with pitching machines. Same size and weight as JUGS balls with realistic seams. Available in white or optic yellow.

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