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Jugs Backyard Package

Recommended Backyard Set Up

The Baseball Recommended Backyard Set Up | The Softball Recommended Backyard Set Up

Turn your backyard into your own private practice field utilizing the same world famous JUGS® equipment that over 70,000 High School, College and Professional teams use year-round. With a JUGS® backyard setup you can bring the whole family together in a safe, fun and exciting way to learn and enjoy the Great American Pastime.

  1. JUGS Baseball or Softball Machine.
  2. JUGS 1500 Batting Cage Net for Baseball or Softball.
    (12' x 14' x 70' for baseball or 12' x 14' x 55' for softball).
  3. Outdoor frame.
  4. Outdoor installation Kit (If applicable).
  5. Protective Screen -- "L" Screen for baseball or Square Screen for softball.
  6. Backdrop and Pitchers Trainer
  7. Ball Feeder (baseball or softball) and remote switch.
  8. 2 dozen JUGS Sting-Free Baseballs or Softballs.

There are over 14,000 families in the United States and around the world who have already put JUGS® in their backyard.

JUGS® has a backyard Set Up designed especially for you.

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The Jugs Company Curveball, Combination, 101, Football, Soccer, Frames and some netting must be shipped by truck. We will notify of shipping costs before order is filled. The shipping amount on your invoice will not reflect correct shipping amount. You will be notified of other items that need to be shipped via truck.
Jugs Instant Screen
$165.00 $149.95 On Sale!

Jugs Netting Only for any Jugs Screen
$95.00 $89.95 On Sale!

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