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Jugs Company Brand Pitching Machines and Batting Machines

Jugs Accessories

Supplier of The Jugs Company quality ball machines and accessories
Shipping on all Jugs equipment is FOB Oregon. We will contact with the correct amount of shipping before we process your order

The #1 Ball-Throwing Machines in the World

The JUGS Company®

Accessories and Additional Machines

JUGS Baseball Automatic Ball Feeder
Yamaha 1000 Portable Generator
Ball Bag
JUGS Softball Automatic Ball Feeder
JUGS Backdrop and Pitcher's Trainer
Equipment Bag

Baseball Automatic Ball Feeder

JUGS® now offers you two types of portable automatic ball feeders for your JUGS Pitching Machine. Each JUGS feeder is made of durable lightweight steel, is easy to set up, and is safe and simple to operate. The JUGS 18 Ball Baseball Feeder is for use with JUGS Curveball Pitching Machine, the JUGS JR.™, the New JUGS Combination Machine™, or with the New JUGS "101" Baseball Pitching Machine......

An optional in-line on/off remote switch is available for any JUGS feeder. The remote switch is a must if you want to use your JUGS® machine by yourself (available in 220v model)......

Softball Automatic Ball Feeder

The JUGS 14 Ball Softball Feeder is for use with any JUGS Softball Pitching Machine, the JUGS Jr., or with the New JUGS Combination Pitching Machine™......

An optional in-line on/off remote switch is available for any JUGS feeder. The remote switch is a must if you want to use your JUGS machine by yourself (available in 220v model)......

Yamaha 1000 Portable Generator

You can use your JUGS Machine anywhere, with the durable Yamaha 1000 Generator. This generator is lightweight--just 49 lbs., runs on regular gasoline for over 3 hours, and is fully guaranteed for one year......

JUGS Backdrop and Pitcher's Trainer

Now you can prolong your batting cage net's life by protecting the rear section of your net with the JUGS Backdrop and Pitcher's Trainer. With the unique J-L Design™, this backrop makes an excellent training aid for your pitchers. (Example: the best strategy for pitching to most right handed hitters is to throw into the "J"--the low outside corner, the high inside corner, or the low inside corner.) This durable vinyl backdrop is constructed with four solid brass grommets on each of the four corners, and has four long lasting 1/4 inch Poly-Dac tie-down ropes. The JUGS Backdrop and Pitcher's Trainer is easy to install and is waterproof, so you can use it indoor or out......

The NEW JUGS Ball Bag

  • Holds 48 baseballs or 24 softballs.
  • No more spilled balls in your trunk or back seat.
  • Fits nicely inside The JUGS Equipment Bag
  • Great for travel teams.

The NEW JUGS Ball Bag.....

The NEW JUGS Equipment Bag

This huge 36" x 15" x 15" equipment bag is made of durable vinyl with heavy duty metal buckles on the shoulder straps.

Great for traveling teams. Players have room for everything they need to take on the road with them. It can accommodate a bucket of balls, JUGS Hitting Tee™, catcher's gear, helmets, 5 bats, a clipboard and score book all at once.

More Info
  • Giant 12 X 12 X 12 size
  • Perfect for baseball, softball, golf, soccer and football
  • Lightweight
  • Easy set-up and transport
  • Quick-Snap Technology
  • Shipped UPS in 2 cartons
  • Shipping is $95

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    Jugs 101

    Jugs Baseball Automatic Ball Feeder

    Jugs Junior Pitching Machine

    Jugs Radar Gun package with 3 Digit Display
    $1,740.00 $1,699.95 On Sale!

    Jugs Softball Screen
    $199.95 $184.95 On Sale!

    Jugs Yamaha Portable Generator

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